Our latest installation – replacing the store front

Our team completely dismantled the old facade, which was already dilapidated, below we found 4 old facades, which had been successively covered with new signs each time a new store was taken over.
Our client’s facade was rebuilt from scratch. We made the wooden structure, then covered it with a layer of colored aluminum sheet ordered by our client.
At the request of the customer, we kept the inscription with the name of the store (3D letters) because it had sentimental value.


Your sign and your showcase:
first sensation, first feeling, first grip.

The design, the message, the style, the material, the originality will allow you
to differentiate yourself, and to encourage your customers
not to ignore you.

How does the wooden sign help you in this process?

Only wood will naturally bring a warm and reassuring atmosphere. Robust and timeless, it conveys quality and elegance.

No limit to your imagination, the signs are made to measure and personalized (backlighting, embossed letters, wood cut letters).

As a banner affixed above the window
In feathers affixed perpendicular to the facade
We work with raw wood (oak, beech, cherry, pine, spruce, etc.) from forests where sustainable management is practiced, and plywood (MDF).

Combined with LEDs in the form of backlighting, or incorporating luminous resins, wooden signs are very original and unusual. They will remain in the memory of your customers. LEDs are economical because they have a long lifespan, ecological because they do not diffuse infrared, UV, and can be recycled. The illuminated signs contribute to the urban animation, and offer good visibility as soon as night falls. Lighting spots are not always accepted on the facades of buildings by the administration.

Exterior signs are treated with varnish, interior signs are oiled or waxed. They can also be painted.

The digital milling table and the laser make it possible to cut and engrave letters, logos and acronyms.

Equipping yourself with a wooden sign means highlighting your eco-responsible corporate values

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