Administrative procedures for the installation of a sign

Administrative procedures for the installation of a new sign, replacement or modification

If you wish to replace, modify or install a new sign above your business, please note that you must request an installation authorization from the town hall or your department in your commercial sector, if the municipality does not have an LRP (Local Advertising Regulations).

How to get the form?

The easiest way is to download it from the website:

We advise you to check with your town hall to find out if it has an information document on the Local Advertising Regulations. Some cities, like Toulouse, have published it with very colorful and very understandable explanations. Below you will find an excerpt relating to the installation of signs.

Other documents must accompany your application:

Your administrative request must be filed, against discharge, at the town hall or addressed to the Mayor by registered mail with request for acknowledgment of postal receipt. You should receive an answer within 2 months. The absence of a response after this period is deemed to be acceptance.

Information document on the Local Advertising Regulations

To download the sample document for the city of Toulouse, click here
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